10 Leading Companies That Recruits MBA in India

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Some of the best international recruiters include Amazon, Apple, BCG, Deloitte, JP Morgan, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, and many more. On the other hand, the most prestigious Indian companies include Tata Consultancy Services, Reliance, Cognizant, Wipro, ICICI Bank, etc.

The Master in Business Administration (MBA) is often regarded as an enviable professional degree that can lead to various corporate jobs. Every year, a significant number of students enroll in reputed B-schools in the country to pursue this course in leadership and, in turn, discover their way to a career in the corporate world. India is recognized as an intellectual center which is an ideal location for recruiters across the world. These international MBA recruiting companies are able to access highly regarded MBA institutes to find highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals for their firms with the promise of lucrative pay packages.

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Top global recruiters

Amazon was founded in 1994, Amazon is known as the largest cloud infrastructure company. Amazon is also considered an excellent company to recruit MBA experts in India. MBA graduates with exceptional analytical abilities and a creative bent of the mind are coveted by Amazon with impressive pay packages. Most of the time, highly skilled professionals are employed by the Retail, Marketing, and IT departments of Amazon.

Apple: Apple is known as the world’s biggest IT Company. Beyond assessing applicants’ skills and expertise in the subject matter The recruiters at Apple seek out professionals who are aware of the needs of customers and are eager to learn and are willing to be part of a team.

BCG It is the Boston Consulting Group is one of the top recruiters for MBA students, with offices across 45 countries. In assessing candidates, recruiters do not just look at their academic performance and abilities but also consider the extracurricular pursuits they engage in, their creativity and commitment to the company as well as their resilience, adaptability, and ability to communicate.

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Deloitte: Deloitte is known as the largest professional service company, by revenue. Each year, it takes highly skilled and competent MBA freshmen and pays them well. MBAs are able to work in the areas like technology, real Estate, and Retail areas in addition to providing advice. Candidates with impressive academic credentials, leadership skills, and analytical abilities, as well as exceptional communication skills are sought by the firm to fill the most prominent jobs.

J P Morgan: J P Morgan is seeking professionals for a variety of positions in sales, investment private banking, research, and operations. Being one of the most prestigious banking institutions, J P Morgan conducts Winning Woman MBA Internship Programme that assists women MBA students to develop as professional women who are successful. The program does not just recruit MBAs in the financial industry but also in other industries.

Microsoft The world’s largest software manufacturer Microsoft began its journey in 1985. Microsoft hires the largest amount of MBAs for various posts in finance, marketing operations, and sales at its 70 offices. Candidates who have more than seven years of working experience in the field are sought-after by the company. The candidates who have been selected are given training in order to make them suitable to be employed full-time within the company.

Morgan Stanley: service provider in global finance. It seeks MBAs with an academic background in finance and provides the highest-paying offers. It also offers summer internships for hopefuls.

Besides, there are several other global recruiters namely Johnson and Johnson, Nike, PricewaterhouseCoopers, PepsiCo, Unilever, and Deutsche Bank. Each of these firms prefers to recruit highly skilled MBAs who have a solid working knowledge of analytical skills, the ability to communicate effectively, observation, and the ability to understand the requirements of their customers, etc.

Top Indian recruiters

Tata Consultancy Services: TCS is among the top Indian recruiters, with staff working across 46 countries around the world. TCS recruits the best talent from the top B-schools of the country to take on the most prestigious roles in the field, which pay the highest wages.

Reliance Industries Limited: RIL picks the best talent to fill corporate positions in IT as well as real estate, telecommunications, and various other industries. In RIL the candidates are able to display their talents and capabilities and see their careers grow. Candidates with the ability to analyze, a strong communication ability, and the ability to follow the evolution of consumer behavior are successfully integrated into RIL.

Cognizant: Cognizant India is an international business firm that offers business and technological solutions to a variety of customers across the world. It employs competent and effective MBAs in its various offices in various countries to provide technological and business solutions. When interviewing candidates the recruiters evaluate their ability to communicate, their ability to observe, their creativity as well as academic credentials.

Wipro: Wipro is one of the leading contenders in the world’s top IT, consultancy, and business process outsourcing businesses. Each year, representatives from Wipro visit the top B-schools to select highly skilled and qualified applicants for various posts, providing them with an impressive pay package. Like other recruiters, Wipro is also looking for enthusiastic young people who can help to boost the success of the company.

Infosys is a company with a history of over three decades, Infosys provides its clients throughout their digital journey. Since its inception, Infosys is striving for expansion and customer satisfaction. Infosys is among the most sought-after recruiters for managers. It gives an excellent opportunity to those who possess a creative bent of the mind, analytical skills, and perseverance, as well as the ability to analyze the strength of the market and weaknesses, etc.

ICICI Bank: ICICI Bank is hiring MBA experts to fill various leading jobs for commercial banks, including liability product management, card management, corporate banking, transaction banking compliance wholesale credit risk, risk management, relationship management, etc.

Additionally, there are famous companies that recruit managers from the top B-schools, such as Hindustan Liver, KPMG, Accenture, Larsen & Toubro, Aditya Birla Group, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, and many more.

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