How continuous education enhances nurses’ cultural competence

How continuous education enhances nurses’ cultural competence

Nursing is among the most essential professions in our society. Nursing ensures that the public leads a healthy lifestyle by creating public awareness and providing quality healthcare services. As a result, registered nurses have an extensive understanding of cultural competence and how it improves their interaction with patients and colleagues within healthcare. Cultural competence is … Read more

The journey of student nurses in clinical residency

The journey of student nurses in clinical residency

Aspiring nurses undergo a transformative journey during clinical residency, where theoretical knowledge converges with hands-on practice. In this article, we unravel the daily responsibilities of student nurses and delve into the enduring benefits that shape their academic and professional trajectories. We also uncover the pivotal role of clinical practice in creating compassionate and competent healthcare … Read more

How social workers benefit from SEL at university

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In general, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) theory refers to a process in which students are taught to use specific skills relating to these traits. These skills encompass behaviors, values and attitudes which reflect positive emotional and social interactions. Moreover, in social work, learning how to use these actions, thoughts and feelings can help practitioners … Read more

Digital well-being: more efficient and enjoyable technology

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Nowadays, normality implies living in a hyperconnected world. Due to the fact that daily activities are marked by the constant use of technology and multiple devices such as Smart school IoT solution, the modification of behaviours, behaviours and habits around them is not long in coming. That is why it is essential to talk about digital well-being. Key considerations … Read more

How To Help Your Child Learn Geometry For PSLE Math?

Child Learn Geometry For PSLE Math

Geometry is one of the important topics for the PSLE Math exam. It involves calculating area, perimeter and learning about different proofs & theorems along with 2D/3D representation of diagrams. However, some students find this section challenging to learn. If your child is one of them, you should help to ensure a proper learning experience. … Read more

How to Find a Literary Agent for Your Children’s Books

Literary Agent

What does Literary Agent do? Literary agents serve as business-minded liaisons between authors and publishing firms. Literary agents promote their clients’ professional careers and sell them to the right persons. If you search for a literary agent for your Children’s Books, you are at the right place. Here’s how you can find an agent that … Read more