Top 7 Free Tools To Make A Gantt Chart For Your Research Project

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Gantt chart is a widely used graphical tool to organise different activities of a particular project. You can find its frequent use at the academic as well as organisational levels. This popular graphical tool works well to make a mega plan having all activities of the project within a defined duration of time. Many researchers use it to visualise the whole project. This visualisation of a project helps in sharing the details with other parties. For example, you have to share details of activities with your supervisor. In this case, you can make it easy to understand the different milestones of a project with the help of the Gantt chart. To make a Gantt chart, you do not have to get long training.

The novel researcher can make the best use of the Gantt chart for planning and scheduling research work. All you need to know about tools/websites. You can find free as well as paid tools to make a Gantt chart. Most of the time, it happens that students select paid tools just because of the lack of information that there are a bundle of free tools available for the Gantt chart. So, let’s have a discussion on some free tools/websites that can work well to make a Gantt chart.

What Are The Best Tools To Create A Gantt Chart?

There is no limit for project size while using the Gantt chart. In the case of research, you can make a Gantt chart to have details of the start and end of different milestones. The use of tools helps you make horizontal bar charts. In these horizontal bar chats, you can specify the duration of the task. That is how you can deal with the individual task.

On the other hand, the Gantt chart performs well in identifying the dependency of one activity on the other one. So, you can better identify if the delay or issue in one activity can affect the rest one. In this way, you get a track to sensitively handle dependable activities of a research project. These sets of information make it easy to divide a research project into several phases. Although there are several companies to get PhD dissertation help for your research project you can also do on your own. Following are the tools/websites that can help you make a Gantt chart for free:

Click Up

Clickup is a cloud-based collaboration tool for several projects of different sizes. The amazing features of Clickup can help you in making an assignment or completing a research project. Here, you can find a template of the Gantt chart, and there is no need to design a whole new sheet. By selecting a template of your choice, you can mold it as per your requirement. When working on the sheet of Gantt chart provided by ClickUp, you can target specific aspects of a research project. It includes information related to blockers and other dependencies.

When working on ClickUp, you can make a Gantt chart with different colour codes. If the reader is well aware of colour codes, it would be easy to understand the nitty and gritty of the chart. Here, three colours are used to present three phases of a research project as mentioned below;

  • Open task
  • In progress task
  • Complete task


GanttPRO is another tool that can be used for free. To make a Gantt chart on GanttPRO, you need to follow a step-by-step guide. There you can find already existing templates related to different fields. Based on a particular research project, you can see which template is best suitable. The  GanttPRO include templates of activities related to construction, education, marketing and web design. Furthermore, it covers software development, consulting and other services.


Wrike is a tool that is popular for its features, price and other aspects. It is not necessary to use a paid version of Wrike, but you can use it for free. The free version of Wrike is available for individuals. You can use this tool to make a Gantt chart and get two-factor authentication support. This tool is famous for its built-in time tracking feature, so you can use it for making a Gantt chart. One of the affordable homework assignment techniques is to use Wrike and schedule your research project.


You can find many professionals using Instagantt to schedule research projects. The purpose of using this tool is to save time and money. As this tool is free, so you can save money. On the other hand, you can save time by arranging activities in the form of predecessors. Instagantt is a full-featured tool that provides support to scheduling milestones.

Toggle Track

Toggle track is another free tool that helps you in time tracing. You can easily make a Gantt chart to track the time of each phase. It is an amazing tool getting fame in freelance business because of its fantastic features. The Gantt chart made with the help of a Toggle track encourages group collaboration for a research project by making it easy to manage and understand.

Google Sheets

Google sheets can also be used for planning a research project. When using Google sheets, you need to set a plan that has a spreadsheet. Here, you can insert all the information about the research project. Furthermore, it allows you for group collaboration. In this case, you can lock or unlock information based on the requirement.


Teamgantt is a tool that allows you to make a free project plan. The best thing about Teamgantt is that it helps in managing resources in an easy go. When using this tool, you can better evaluate the budget for every resource. In this way, you can better understand the hurdles in the project. So, it would not be wrong to say that Teamgantt helps you make a Gantt chart with a baseline report. This baseline report can be compared with an actual timeline for better forecasting.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned tools can work well to make a Gantt chart. All of these tools can be used for free. You may have to use limited features in the free version, but you can generate a productive Gantt chart by using available features.

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