How To Help Your Child Learn Geometry For PSLE Math?

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Geometry is one of the important topics for the PSLE Math exam. It involves calculating area, perimeter and learning about different proofs & theorems along with 2D/3D representation of diagrams. However, some students find this section challenging to learn. If your child is one of them, you should help to ensure a proper learning experience.

However, an alternate solution is hiring a PSLE Math home tutor or online tutor. But, before that, you can try guiding your child with the help of the below tips. And, if they still need a tuition service, then you can opt for it. So, without any further delay, let’s check out the tips.

Tips For Helping Your Kid To Learn Geometry For PSLE Math

1.   Focus on Definitions, Theorems, and Properties

Geometry is based on various properties, theorems, and postulates. So, your child needs to learn them effectively in the first place to master this section of PSLE Math. You can suggest your child refer to the Math notebook for all these definitions and theorems.

Although, all these topics are also given in the Math book and available on various websites. But a good approach is to use the notebook in which the kid has jotted down the key points in a handwritten format. As they are already familiar with what’s being written in the notebook, they will grasp it in a fast and easy way.

After your children thoroughly understand and learn the theorems, properties, and definitions, they will find it easy to solve the geometry questions. If required, you can take a printout of the main formulas and theorems and paste it near the learner’s study table. So, whenever your kid looks at the chart, the revision is automatically done. This way, your kids will be able to perform better in the geometry section of PSLE Math.

2.   Tell Your Child To Label The Drawings

Geometry is all about working on diagrams. So, making figures is the initial step before starting working toward a question’s solutions. But, another important thing that some students overlook is labelling their drawings. Without assigning names to the lines, points, angles, etc, your kid won’t be able to get clarity on the question.

So, make it your kids’ habit to label the diagrams. With practice, they will eventually learn to label the figures properly, based on the given information. Also, tell them to follow the regular conventions used in the geometry to ensure proper naming.

For instance, if two parallel lines are there, the names will be in pairs like PQ & MN. Additionally, the midpoint of a line is generally denoted by the alphabet m. You should guide your kids to use the naming system properly to understand the problems in detail. Consequently, finding the solution becomes easy for them.

3.   Analyze What is Asked To Prove in A Question

It is commonly said that if you completely understand a problem, you are already halfway down toward the solution. For this reason, you should encourage your kid to invest time in understanding the questions in detail before they start working on their solutions. Similarly, for theorems, they need to get clarity over the point that they need to prove.

The effective way of doing this is to read the question statement carefully. Sometimes, the information required to solve a problem is not given directly. Instead, the learner is required to draw out the required data on their own. In such situations, having clarity on what they need to prove comes in handy.

For example, suppose the two angles A and B are given in a question. The value for A is given, but that for B is not. Besides, it is stated that A and B are opposite angles of the equal sides of the isosceles triangle.

Now, in the above example, the value of angle B is not given. But, its value will be the same as angle A ( according to a property of the isosceles triangle ). Similarly, you should develop your kid’s stronghold on the basics, which will eventually help them figure out the required information from the given data.

4.   If Stuck, Use Properties According To the Given Data

Sometimes, your kids may find themselves stuck in the middle of a question. In simple words, they start solving the problem but eventually arrive at a stage where they can’t proceed further. It happens with most learners when they start to solve geometry problems, but with practice, they figure out ways to deal with them.

The most effective approach to tackle this issue is referring to the given data. When the examiners set the paper, they try to add questions that test the learner’s knowledge on various topics. So, they make some questions complex, but at the same time, they also leave some hints for the students. This way, some problems are complex, but all have a solution.

If you want your child to be able to find out the hints that lead to the solution, you should make them practise as much as possible. An ideal method is to devote some time to the practice on a daily basis. When your child has already solved a variety of questions, they start to identify the key data that lead them to the solution. As a result, when they encounter a problem in the exams, they stay confident while solving it.

5.  Get Help From A PSLE Math Tutor

The above-mentioned tips are highly effective for achieving good grades in the geometry section of PSLE Math. But, after implementing the mentioned approaches, if your child still can’t produce the desired results, you can consider hiring a PSLE Math tutor for further assistance.

A Math tutor will initially use the first few sessions to understand the preferred learning method of your kid. In addition, the tutor will make an effort to find out the underlying learning issue. Afterwards, the teacher offers a personalized learning experience to your child, which complements his/her strengths and weaknesses.

This way, you can stay worry-free as your child learns geometry under the guidance of an expert teacher. However, make sure that you hire a tutor according to your location.

For instance, if your location is Singapore, you should find a reputable Math tutor in Singapore with the help of an online search. It is especially helpful when you are planning to hire a home tutor, as there will be fewer chances of the tutor getting late for the classes. Consequently, your kid can study effectively while following a fixed learning schedule.


Geometry is one of the topics in PSLE Math that requires a different approach from the students to solve the questions effectively. Parents can help their child in gaining clarity over this section. By using the tips mentioned above, they can play their part in ensuring a satisfactory learning experience for their kids.

Moreover, if you are not confident that you will be able to properly guide your kid, you can always facilitate expert assistance, by hiring a Math tutor. There are various platforms available nowadays that connect you to experienced and knowledgeable tutors near your location. Furthermore, you can also filter the tutoring recommendations based on your kid’s preferred learning timings.

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